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To download the MNE sample data set you can select one of two options:

  • Make use of the MNE Sample Data Set Downloader (Windows, Linux):
  1. Go to to your repositories bin folder, located under .../mne-cpp/bin and double-click the mne_sample_data_downloader.exe file. If you are using windows, you have to have 7-Zip installed. You can get it here
  2. You will now be presented with a simple interface. Clicking the Download button will start the download.
  3. Note: Please be aware, that depending on your internet connection it might take a long time to finish. You should also make sure that you have enough free space on the harddrive your repository is located on (for the program to run properly, you will need about 6GB). You can cancel the download anytime by clicking the Exit button, but this will delete all temporary files thus reseting your download progress. In most cases the files will be extracted automatically. On windows machines, if the program can not find 7-Zip in its standard location (C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe), it will prompt an error and you will have to type in the file path manually or by selecting the 7-Zip folder using the file explorer which can be opened by clicking the [...] button. Press Extract to continue.
  • Download and extract the sample data set manually:
  1. Download the MNE sample data from here.
  2. Open the tar.gz file (i.e. with 7zip) and extract the data into the mne-cpp/bin/MNE-sample-data folder.