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This page will show how to dowload and install the latest Qt version.

  1. Download the current Qt version:
    1. Go to the Qt download section and download the Qt installer here. Qt 5.10.0 or higher is needed in order to have full Qt3D support. Note for Windows users: Make sure NOT to download the WinRt or UWP version.
    2. Select the appropriate version based on your compiler and development platform.
      • For example if you are using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Compiler on a Windows 32bit system, select the "Qt manually.1 for Windows 32-bit (VS 2015, 840 MB)" version.
  2. Install the Qt version with the minimum of the following features (uncheck all other boxes):
    • Qt/5.10.0/Pre-compiled Qt (i.e. Qt 5.10.0/msvc2015 32-bit)
    • Qt/5.10.0/QtCharts
    • Qt/Tools/QtCreator
  3. You now have the latest Qt version installed on your local machine. Add the Qt bin folder to the environment variable:
    • Windows:
      1. Right-click Computer and click Properties.
      2. Click Advanced System Settings link in the left column.
      3. In the Advanced window and click the Environment Variables button.
      4. Add to the PATH variable C:\Qt\5.10.0\msvc2015 \bin (the qt bin path may differ depending on your Qt installation).
    • Linux:
      1. Add Qt bin and lib directory to the environment variables (the qt paths may differ depending on your Qt installation). If you do not want to set this manually every time you create a new console, you can set it on console startup in the corresponding .bashrc, .tcsh file under /home/<username>/
        export PATH=$PATH:~/Qt/Qt5.10.0/bin
        export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:~/Qt/Qt5.10.0/lib
    • Download Microsoft Visual C++ Build tools here
  4. In case you work on a windows machine and do not have a compiler set up:
    • Go to the Windows SDK download website
    • Download and install the Windows 8.1 SDK (during the installation, make sure to also select the Debugging Tools for Windows box).
    • Open the QtCreator and select the debugger under Tools/Options/Build & Run/Kits/[your Kit name goes here]/Debugger.