Coding Conventions & Style

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The QtCreator Wizard:

We strongly recommend to make use of the MNE-CPP QtCreator wizard to add new classe to any project (you can find the installation guide here).

Naming Conventions:

Please make use of the following coding conventions as soon as you plan to contribute to MNE-CPP.

Object Rule
Classes MyClass
Member functions myFunction
Member variables m_typeMeaningfulName
Local variables typeMeaningfulName

Command Line Output:

Please make use of qDebug() for debugging, qInfo() for user information and qWarning for user warning purposes. qFatal() should only be used to initiate a total application stop. Please note that Eigen structures can only be plotted via std::cout (you therefore need to add #include<iostream.h>).

Readability and Understandability:

  • Avoid complex and condensed expressions
  • Use meaningful variable names

Using Doxygen:

Please use the DoxyGen style to document your code.